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Originally Posted by Tidahapah View Post
All good mate,
I am of Scottish heritage and spend a few weeks at a time at my cousins pubs in Scotland but not a Scotch drinker much to his chagrin.

But I do luv me Bundy. As my old man used to say ( an ex POW and Burma Railway Worker), Any pri*k that won't fight on Bundy is a real coward"

Dad was up in that part of the world in Borneo, Tarikan, during WW2, they kept him there till 48' being a MO, but he was definitely a scotch man. So much so I had to learn the bagpipes for six years. Notice I said learnt not played, I really felt sorry for our neighbours.

Still, his favourite triple was Laphroiag, a renowned smokey scotch.I felt duty bound to continue the family tradition.
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