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Shufti, can I respectfully just mention one thing about Riv 35s, especially as you are coming out of a trailer boat. They are definitely semi-planing boats, and at such speeds toss up a HUGE wake. I know all to well about this because we have quite a few in our marina and elsewhere, as they are popular, so we are passed by them often. And often the owners are sitting up like Jacky in the flybridge clearly thinking, "wake…what wake..we don't make much wake." Or so it appears, by how close they pass, and how tricky it is in an area of rather narrow channels, to actually avoid taking the wake wave beam on, because coming from behind, all you can do if there is room is bear away and slow down, and hope, as there is usually no time to turn into it, as they come from abaft the beam…and if there is no room…'nuff said…

Having said that, I just know you will the most considerate boatie out there, so ENJOY..!

And oh yes, I will post those pics of the fellow Rivs asap. It was too dark down there tonight after we moved Lotus back from the travel-lift jetty to her berth.

Hey guys, guess what. That lovely new stainless and hideously expensive sea-cock and strainer I had to have installed at the surveys insistence…well, I couldn't close the seacock before I left, no matter what I tried. Hows that? Do I need a manual, or what..?
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