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I have a brand new in the box set of Marland Enterprise Corp, Seattle that are rated for a 175-200 lb dink

This sorta looks like your photo , but I cant be sure..

Box shows an eight ft GRP sailing dink dink in the water. hooked up.

I wont break the set to sell just the mount arms and their swivel brackets , so for $ 200. its all yours , plus shipping to you.Not cheap but antique is hard to find new.

On close inspection my set looks far more robust than that mount , are you sure its not for a swim ladder?

My set is to be mounted on a swim platform and in addition to bolts require the platform to be chiseled for added support.

They have a transom bracket also so these arms and mounts could be correct , it must be able to accept at least a 1/2 inch fitting.

If you need a photo let me know.
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