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A number of years back, I was piloting a relatively new (to me) boat across the Straits of Georgia in a building stern-quarting sea. The boat was a pretty good sized flushdeck with a lot of freeboard and shallow draft and it was getting a bit windy as well. The boat had a bigger than life old Bendix AP box in the wheelhouse. When I bought the boat, the PO told me the thing didn't work anymore and that he had a mechanic disconnect it. I took that at face value and never tried the system or investigated further. Back to the Straits--about the time the swells were in the 4'-6' range and it was getting interesting, I accidently bumped the power switch on the unit--if you have never seen one of these in action mid Straits in lumpy water is not the time to find out it still works. The first thing it was go hard to port, then it went hard to starboard then it centered up. It jerked the wheel out of my hands which hurt my wrist, the boat started a roll and knocked me off my feet. It was uncomfortable feeling the boat try to claw its way around. I was lucky I was able to switch it off and after what seemed like hours, was able to get back to the normal side of dealing with a quartering sea. I learned 3 lessons--never trust what a PO said about equipment on a boat--check it out yourself-- always put the safety pin in the fridge door before you leave the dock--and note to self, pack extra skivvies.
Did you buy the PO a drink after that?
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