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I happen to think that's gorgeous!

Two ways to go boating: Wax the gelcoat, varnish the trim, reef and replace deck seams, re-do deck bungs, remove and rebuild wood windows, chase rotten balsa with epoxy, remove and repair wood rot, reef wood seams and re caulk, rebed rails, wash, sew and install canvas, winter covers, rail covers etc. etc. OR wash off the bird sh*t and go boating. I have done the former on a very well-done Grand Banks (if I say so myself) and this time I'm going to do the latter. There is all the same work to do inside, I will probably chase and modify the wiring, lighting and install a queen-size bed, the lines need washing and the whole boat needs a scrub. But now I'm done with all that other stuff. I know that aesthetically this boat doesn't compare with a GB, but sitting in the sun in a deck chair with a beer will be easier if I'm not staring at deck seams or infiltrated varnish, and I won't have to shoo away guests in the dinghy while I varnish or repair a seam.
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