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Originally Posted by trawlerartist View Post
Hello, everyone,

Chris here... I am underway to find the trawler of my dreams. As I search I will be wandering through this forum gleaning info that I hope will help me in both my decision before I buy, and the "fun" that comes with ownership! At some point it will be a liveaboard situation, until then I'll learn all I can about my boat and the lifestyle from friends and fellow sailors. Truth is, I'm not new to the water or boats, but trawlers are a bit smaller than my last boat... I had a 1,092' steel hulled motoryacht named USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). Sleeps 6,000, fresh bottom paint, full-beam sundeck, and awesome range.

So, thank you in advance for any advice, clever wit, and nautical tips.

Oh, by the way I'm looking for a 32' to 36'...

If it's going to be a can somewhat ignore the common advice "buy the smallest boat that makes you happy"...a liveaboard requires so much more than just a weekender/summer cruiser.

Yes you can get by with less...I love camping and sleeping in a hammock under a I want to do it every night? Do my family, friends, wife, girlfriend want to?

So you really have to balance budget, future budget, operating style and true needs and climate all rolled into one to make a smart, long term decision.

I've lived aboard a spartan accommodation-wise, 30 foot sailboat in Ft Lauderdae when stationed in Miami, a 37 foot sportfish when stationed in Wash, DC and now my 40 trawler. I could never go back to that 30 footer...even in the tropics...just too much like camping.

Even a 32 trawler is bare bones liveaboard, not as much asspaces but storage. Will you have ashore storage?....and how tied down to it do you want to be???

Lot's to consider as a liveaboard...only 10 as much...probably less for just a pleasure boat.
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