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Back in the 80's I had a 30' Wellcraft that I called a cabin cruiser. The insurance company called it a "yacht" and charged me appropriately. Anyway, single gas MerCruiser engine I/O. It's get up on plane and skipped across the water, sucking down gas like it was a buck 30 a gallon. Smallish cabin that could sleep 6 if you lacked the sense of hearing and smell, 4 was the better number, two was preferred. But it had all the amenities, head, galley, etc. I wouldn't call that a trawler by any means. That was back when I was young and stupid, now I'm older. Anyway, the kids liked staying on it. They had their own room" (the aft cabin/bunk).

So to me, a "cruiser" is going to be faster & bouncier, and have less room than a trawler which will be slower and rollier.
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