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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
Everybody keeps thinking the Albin 28 he is mentioningis some sort of semi-planing trawler type boat. It is not. It is an express cruiser with a planing hull and a 315hp Diesel engine and cruises at 18ish knots.

Fair point. 18 kts cruise seems a bit enthusiastic (not a disagreement, just skeptical). In any case, while many of the larger Albins are powered with lower horsepower and run at lower speeds, the newer 28's will go faster than a typical semi-displacement boat.

The TE models (that'd be "Tournament Express") are designed to appeal to fishermen who feel the need to get there quickly, and get their fish checked in before closing... so yep, they've got more horsepower and yep, they'll plane.

That said, planing at 15 kts in a boat with full keel and skeg -- and using relatively serious torque to do it -- isn't the same as planing at maybe 25 kts on a V-hull.

We could "plane" our Mainship III, at WOT -- hard chines, full keel, single diesel -- and it was pretty much like running a plow through the water.

I'd say the description is a maybe matter of degree... or a continuum... that transitions from semi-displacement to semi-planning... and almost anything with hard chines will plane eventually, given enough horsepower.

They used to say the F4 was an example of making almost anything fly... given enough horsepower.

All this is not a criticism of the Albin, BTW. I think they offer many advantages.

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