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Refrigeration.... the topic makes me HOT!

When we bought Volunteer she was set up with what I thought was an ideal combination of refrigeration, She has a Dometic ( I can hardly say the word anymore without adding a cuss word to the sentence) and a built in huge freezer with a danfoss compressor and double cold plates that also has some " spill over" refrigerator space. The damn ( oops there I go ) dometic unit is a PITA, in 8 years I have changed the cooling unit, 2- main circuit boards, 2- igniter boards. I have kept the unit because it is a 3way rv style unit and at anchor we run it on propane, so no battery draw= happy captain. The unit is above deck and can gravity drain so I have not been real concerned ( I know some will disagree with this ). My rant is because the newly rebuilt cooling unit ( last year) crapped out last week and it involves removing the damn ( oops) thing again to replace the luckly still under warantee cooling unit. The unit is roughly 55"h x 23"w x 23"d. do the compressor norcold units use gobs of power?..... any thoughts?

edit: Im a moron..........I didnt look* at the last topic on refrigeration .... sorry guys

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