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RE: Safety and the MOB

Phil Fill wrote:

So what do/have you done to prevent a MOB?
To prevent an MOB we have the boat's relatively high hand rails, relatively wide walkaround deck, and numerous grab rails.* And neither one of us goes out on deck without telling the other person.

To recover an MOB should we ever have to, we have a LifeSling ready to deploy on the aft rail.* We retrofited our boom and mast with double-purchase blocks on the topping lift and boom fall to make it easier to launch and retrieve the sailing dinghy that's carried on our aft cabin, and this of course would make it much easier to haul a person aboard with the Life Sling.

We also wear manual/auto inflate life jackets, both of which have harness rings on them.* These, we were told during a USCG boarding, only meet the USCG requirements for PFDs if they are worn at all times when on deck.

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