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RE: Safety and the MOB

My $0.02:

My tender is stored above the aft cabin, and the hoist that lifts it off and into the water could certainly haul up a person.* There's a hand winch on it, and the cable will extend to the water.

The Lifesling is a good device, but I really can't imagine getting it around an unconcious*person in the water - especially with a rocking boat.*

I like the auto-inflatable PFDs with integral harness.* Not too bulky to wear around, if you go over there's at least a chance you'll float face-up, and now you have an attach point already on the victim to which to connect your hoist.** You can also use a jackline if you're moving around the boat.*

I'm enough of a fatalist (literally in this case) to figure on very little chance of survival upon going overboard in PNW water any time of year.* The initial immersion has a good chance of doing you in even before the hypothermia strikes.* The cold water will render you pretty much unable to assist in your rescue by the time the boat gets back around.

Coast Guard guy I spoke with up here told me the main thing the PFD does is to speed up the recovery of the body.
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