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Safety and the MOB

*** I would say the only way to get someone aboard that is incapaticated would be by a davit or a pot hauler. A pot hauler Davit would be the best in my opinion*as you can also use it to haul prawn/crab traps on board. ( Just The Fisher In me)
**** If a motor is used on the pot davit it would need to be able to pull the weight of a person your size on board. Don't forget the weight of wet clothing.**A block and tackle could*be set for a quick rig on the pot davit if the line hauler isn't strong enough.
**** A rope boarding ladder or a dive ladder off the swim platform could also be used If the sea is calm. A swim plat form rising and falling in 2 or 3 ft waves can be lethal.** Check out the recomendations in Chapmans.*
**** Even with a davit rigged, check your*P.F.D. to be sure there is a strong place to hook onto the M.O.B.

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