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Originally Posted by ktenhet View Post
Thank for all the great advice. I will check in to all the info. We were planning on going to the San Diego boat show this weekend but I just spoke with one of the shows organizers and there will only be 5-7 trawler there. So we wont be making the 5 1/2 hour drive to get there.

I see there is a Trawler Fest in Florida in the Winter, and this is our slower time at work. Has anyone been to this one? Is it worth getting on a plane etc. Or should we just wait till next May for WA. We can only make one of them. Time and Money is all relevant.
If you are willing to fly, probably the best Trawlerfest on the east coast will be in Baltimore in September.

Why not the 5 1/2 hour drive to se 5 to 7 trawlers? To be able to go aboard and take in the ambience of the boats seams worth it to me. Besides, there are many boats not classified as trawlers that possibly could fulfill your requirements. Take a look at some of those.

When and if you fly to Florida, why limit yourself to just the Show. Rent a car, and drive up to Stuart. Check out listings and contact brokers ahead of time. There should be plenty to see around Fort Lauderdale and Stuart.
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