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Originally Posted by bshanafelt View Post
I know there are a number of list members who have transited the rapids along the 'back' way north. Yuculta, Gillard, Dent and Arran by name.

Perhaps someone would like to explain some of the tricks about getting through this maze of rapids in a slow boat. And maybe mention some of the 'better' anchorages to take in the event slack is missed at one of the constrictions,
This is my rule - Go with the current up to an hour before or after slack and when you get further north, you can use 2 hours for Green and Whirlpool if you choose that way. You can stay at Big Bay before going through Gillard and Dent if your timing is off and after you get through Dent, we normally stop at Shoal Bay. Nice people. Always go with the current if you have a slow boat, which I do.

I normally start at Squirrel Cove before going through Yuculta, Gillard and Dent and then spend the night at Shoal Bay. If you are early at Yuculta just hug the shore and the current will be less.

Where are you at? I'm in Bellingham. We forgot the passports so have to wait until tomorrow to get them and tomorrow is suppose to have some bad weather so I hope we can continue on Friday. Then its Point Roberts, False Cheek to clear customs, Gibsons, Smugglers Cove, Powell River, a few stops in Desolation and then on to points north.

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