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Trawlers 101 - Part II

Is Beebe (1) not at all (2) a little bit (2) a lot (4) totally valid in 2009 or just interesting reading like Conrad?

The ocean hasn't changed ,4 is still totally valid .

The problem is PC speak.

At one time those fine Trumphy 60 -75 ft cruisers we all droll over were correctly called HOUSE BOATS.

Call some bloated shoe box a "house boat" and the owner gets mad.

Same nonsense with "fast trawlers",folks are looking at the house shape and deck, not the vessels underwater build and engine ,which if observed would indicate Motor Yacht.

Of course we can argue how many angels fit on the head of a pin, but to me a TRAWLER is a boat for economical cruising , not dockside cottaging.

The sad reality is many folks would be far better off looking at actual Motor Yachts for their particular use of a vacation house.

Once again a hammer is a better nail driver than a torque wrench ,
tho torque wrench sounds like its owner is more knowledgable and sophisticated.


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