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I second the Trawlerfest suggestion, although the one in Anacortes WA is usually in late May, so you'll have to wait almost a year.

I also think chartering a boat that you think might be close to what you want would pay huge dividends in helping you determine what you like and don't like. I don't know about charter options in the delta but there is a good charter company in Anacortes WA (Google Anacortes Yacht Charter). I've chartered with them in the past and plan to again in the future. They have a good selection of boats and they are good to deal with. It is hard to beat the WA & BC area for chartering adventure. I recommend a cruise and learn charter. The instructor goes on the cruise with you until you're ready to solo and then you drop him at a ferry station. It is a good way to learn about navigating the local waters, dealing with tides, currents, wind, ...

Good luck.
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