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I don't know where you are located, but one thing you might consider is to charter an American Tug for a few days or a week to see if you really like this configuration of boat. Or if you can't find an AT to charter, you might try chartering a Nordic Tug. I know there are several charter outfits in this area (Puget Sound) that have NTs in their fleets. To find out if there are any American Tugs for charter a call to the manufacturer would probably get you the information.

The Douglas guides are excellent but they ain't cheap. They tend to focus on the operational aspect of cruising in this area so they have wonderfully detailed information (and little charts) of all the anchorages, where to best drop the hook, navigation tips, and so on. But not a lot of information on attractions like restaurants, marina facilities, etc. For this kind of information you want the (much less expensive) Waggoner Guide which publisher Bob Hale updates annually by boating up the coast in person. It, too, has navigation and anchoring information but not on as detailed a scale as the Douglas guides. We carry the relevant Douglas guides, a Waggoner, and another excellent book, Best Anchorages of the Inside Passage. And a tip for all of these kinds of guidebooks--- take them to a store like Kinkos and have them spiral bound. That way they lie flat when you're using them and you won't end up with loose pages when the bindings break down.
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