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RE: Trawlers 101 - Part II

Size. Mike does point out in more than a few words that size and accommodations are very important. That was almost my biggest complaint about my last boat** .. too small. It was an Albin 25. I never stopped bumping my body on parts on the boat* .. mostly my head. The motion on waves was too snappy and quick. The Willard w a smaller than usual cabin since it is a walk around was still much bigger and has* a slow easy motion compared to the Albin.
I think the most important important thing about a boat is how much you like it. The best boat gives the most joy. Look at some of the guys on the forum. Marin, myself and Walt really love our boats but all three of us have talked about getting another boat. Open minded dudes perhaps but happy boaters for sure. The best advice Mike offered could have been "have fun looking at boats". I wish be there again. Of course it's nice when the fun continues. It's quite possible the guys w Nordic 32s didn't like being called "pop up campers". The point was well made but at their expense. Thank you Marin and your'e sooo right** ...* so many variables.

Eric Henning
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