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Trawlers 101 - Part 1

A correction to the Sedan definition. As used by Grand Banks and perhaps others, the Sedan is the same as a tri-cabin but without the aft cabin. So it still has the forward cabin which is generally accessed by three or four steps down into the forward part of the boat. So it is not a "stepless" or one-level*configuration. Also, at least in a GB, the two cabins in a Sedan are both larger than their counterparts in a Classic, aka tri-cabin. The forward cabin is considerably longer because this is now the main stateroom on the boat, and the main cabin is noticeably longer because it can be.

You also left out altogether one of the most popular configurations, and this is the Europa. While the Europa has the covered side and aft decks similar to a Pilothouse, it does not have a separate, raised pilothouse compartment. The flying bridge on the typical Europa extends all the way to the front of the main cabin, same as on a Classic or Sedan. The lower helm station is on the same level as the main cabin and is usually simply the forward part of it. Like the Pilothouse, the Europa is ideal for cold, rainy climates like the PNW because the covered aft deck is a very user-friendly space when the weather is bad, and it can be completely enclosed with fabric and plastic curtains when it's cold. So one can be "outdoors" without having to be outdoors.

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