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Wanted to introduce myself and my new boat

IF I purchased a used boat , any used boat I would do a bit of Preventive Maint.

Pull an oil sample on the engine & tranny and hope for the best.

First I would yank the injectors and send them out for testing ($5.00ea) and rebuild those that are poor.

I would have a wrench perform a compression/ blowdown test and also see how much leakage into the oil sump there is.

Torque the head , and check every engine bolt you can reach

Next* would be to get 2 part** cooling system cleaner (Truck place) and follow the instructions, as who knows weather real diesel antifreez and ONLY distilled water were used?

When the cooling system was clean, I would lift the engine and use a good grade of modern isolation mounts , remove any ceramic seals and their dangerous bellows and water supply requirements.

The modern Duramax or equal would handle shaft sealing .

I would then replace every hose and belt on the engine , and any Jabsco style impellers and at least install a new thermostat , a new block water pump if going out in the briney blue..

Should there be rubber impellers I would fit a proper metal* Y style strainer to catch any future lost rubber as it leaves the water pump..

Then I would get a good brand of DIESEL antifreez and only distilled water and re fill the cooling system.

If not in heavy freezing areas I would go 40% antifreez and 60% water.

Adjust the valves per mfg specs.

And a HOT oil and filter change would be done , IF a HOT change is a hassle to do , install a method that makes it a snap.

Under engine valve , if you can reach , or installed oil waste pump and bucket.

This would be minimum that would let me go inshore distant cruising , and not expect to end up with a Sea Tow line* on the bow.

Yes, others have done far less , but what lets you sleep at night is the requirement.


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