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This is my take on a couple of stops you have listed.

Poet's Cove is an overpriced marina with very few shore side amenities. Good place to clear Canadian customs if going further north but that's it, in my opinion.

Jones Island - A great stop but in the middle of July very hard to find an empty buoy in the small bay or space on the dock. I suggest that you have an alternative in mind if the bay is full. Reid Harbor on Stuart Island would be a good choice but Jones is wonderful if you can get in. It has a great trail and tame deer's that will eat out of your hand.

Sucia Island is a must stop. You can grab a buoy or anchor in Echo Bay or go to Fossil Bay which has lots of buoys and dock space. The island has lots of great trails as does Stuart Island.

Maybe go this route:

Bellingham to Sucia

Sucia to Jones or Stuart

Jones or Stuart to Sidney to clear customs and spend the night

Sidney to Victoria. Long trip so you won't have much time to spend in town

Victoria to Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor to Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor to Bellingham On your way back poke into Jones to see if there is an empty buoy. Is so, spend a few hours walking around. That will be enough to see it.

I left out Eagle Harbor as I think it is out of the way. A pretty bay but there are lots of pretty bays in this area.

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