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Newbie to site

The local big (18 wheel) truck parts store will have alts on sale a number of times a year.

A brand new "Prestolite" is probably a Leece Neville mfg unit , brand new and cheap.

With external V reg (the only one to have) you will get 140A in 12 or 24 v depending* .Under $150 on sale.

Usually you can specify the belt size , dual belts* to match the DD is the way to go.

The addition of a 3 stage regulator allows the most rapid recharge of most batt systems .

The Vannier at 60 Amps is aviliable used from bus recycle places.

Our propane solution was to mount the tanks and fridge (in its own weatherproof box) on the aft deck , which is self draining. The solenoid is only for the stove , and a mechanical 2 hour timer is in series with the off on as a second safty.Cheap insurance.

We also ran the propane supply inside of a used hydraulic line .
These are really heavy duty (and cheap) to protect the propane hose.


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