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Post Help in selecting hp for fishing boat

Hi, I am new to this, but can some one out there tell me what horsepower is needed for a 50ft wooden fishing boat. I have got conflicting figures thrown at me and I am confused. A guy told me I need 300hp engine for that type of boat, others recommended 130-150hp engine. The boat is going to be used for coastal fishing and fitted with a side winch. No fancy stuff.
Below is the details of the boat;
LOA - 50ft (15.24m)
Waterline length - 45ft (13.716m)
Beam - 10ft (3.048m)
Daft - 4.06ft (1.237m)
Gross Tonnage - 10tonnes (22046Ib)
Displacement Hull
I have been reading about this and what i found was, for every 500Ib you will need 1hp to propel it. Therefore for 22046Ib that would give me 44.092hp. Add 50% to cater for waves, wind and current would give me 66.138hp. Is this right? I find it very minimal. Is there any formula for determining horsepower requirement for fishing boats?
Thanks. Edington
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