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RE: advice re boat

If it was me I would definitely not rule out boats over five years old. Our boat is 36 years old and is in great shape mechanically because the previous owners did a good job of maintenance. The captain of a 120' corporate yacht I was associated with awhile back once told me that all the stuff that's wearing out and will need replacing on a new boat is the same stuff that's wearing out and will need replacing on an old boat. And an older boat will often get you a simpler and easier (aka cheaper) to maintain engine than a brand new boat with all-electronic controls and systems.

Of course it all depends on what one's boating budget is. If the budget will accomodate a new or nearly-new boat, great. But if not, there is no reason that this means you have to buy a less reliable boat. As I suspect everyone on this forum will tell you, it's all about service and maintenance. Done correctly, a 40 year old wood boat can be every bit as safe and reliable as a three-year old plastic boat. Done incorrectly, a five year old boat can be less reliable and more of a headache than a 25 year old boat.

The only Grand Banks models in production today are the GB47 (new "tunnel" hull design for higher speeds), the GB41 (new hull design plus computer-controlled pod drives), and the GB52 (conventional GB hull). The GB47 is available in both Europa and Classic (tri-cabin) configurations. The GB41 and GB 52 are available only as Europas. All of these boat have flying bridges.
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