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"any thoughts as to what trawlers i should look at would be greatly appreciated

The first question should be which boat style , not which trawler.

A true TRAWLER , 70+ ft converted from a work boat is a huge amount of work to convert to a floating home. Big bucks and man years of work.

I think what you refer to as a "trawler" is simply the style of the hull shape and deck house above.

In other words its a motor yacht , designed with some elements of a trawler , to seem more PC., or to look more "shippy".

Many motor yachts are designed as displacement boats (the key to getting better than 1 mile per gal of fuel burn) although some "trawlers' are claimed to be "fast trawlers"" and get poor mileage even at displacement speeds. The hull shape underwater for speed is not the shape of cheap at low speeds.

My suggestion is to view the Dave Pascoe web site , read all the surveys and comments , and first decide on the hull/deck house shape , then figure out which country has created the better built boats.

It will get you a way towards finding a better first boat for your plans.

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