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Originally Posted by Wadosan View Post
Moonfish - Darn...I didn't know about it and now have commitments. Is this a yearly thing?
Wade and Maureen - This is the third annual Symposium, so there will most likely be a fourth. I do know that the attendance this year was an issue leading up to the event (which is why they introduced a' la carte pricing), but there are at least 300 people in the main hall this evening listening to Matt Rutherford's keynote presentation.

Who is that you might ask? Well, I had to ask the same thing, which I believe is a symptom of why they were a little worried about attendance. Matt is a very funny, engaging guy who happens to be the first person to sail solo around both North and South America. A lot of sailors I know had never heard of the guy. But this event has "historically" been sail and long-distance sail oriented, hence they're missing a larger audience. And that would be us.

Which is precisely why they asked us to attend with our boat, and why they asked us if we knew of any other trawler owners who cruise. That's why Delfin is also here. But if they want to attract us trawler folk more, they'll need to design some of the classes for us and do a better job of marketing to our demographic.

I think that is likely going to happen, so I'll keep everyone posted regarding next year's event.
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