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Originally Posted by Chris and Roger View Post
Just got a Present 42. Different winter on a boat ! Any suggestions on getting my dog (lab) on the boat when at anchor? We have a swim platform and a 4 step ladder up to the sundeck.
Hi Chris and Roger, we also have a lab of 80 pounds and a sun deck trawler. We have tried

1. He jumping from the tender onto the side of the boat with help. Awkward but so far the best.
2. Lifting his wet 80 pounds with his flotation aid. Heavy- Add 10 pounds for water. The flotation doesn't last long.
3. Chest-hugging/carrying him up the ladder from the swim platform. Dangerous - as he squirms quite a bit.

We might get a lifting harness. He needs no flotation, but the jacket is bright orange and he can be seen while he's mimicking otters.

How do you like your Present 42? We almost bought one before we got Sand Castle. Came THAT close. Still look on in admiration at them.
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