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RE: Boat selection opinions

I believe the style of trawler you have is called the Europa and Marine Trader made a bunch. There are several for sale in the FL area. I am in the preliminary stages of searching for a boat so I am trying to create in my mind the perfect boat. That perfect boat would have no teak because in FL it's just too much work to keep up. Painting over the teak is an option and it sounds like you have selectively painted certain areas. Teak decks are nice looking and feel good under foot and as long as there is no leaks or maintenance issues then I would be OK with this. However, MT has a known issue with leaks in their teak decks and since I am in the preliminary stages I am looking elsewhere. I'm not sure the cost associated with replacing a teak deck is worth it unless I factor that in the purchase price. In the end a 34 or 36 Europa MT may be what I end up with because they satisfy many of my requirements. And they look good.

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