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RE: Nautolex Decko Dot

I liked the look and heard good things about Decko Dot on other forums. I decided to use it to cover the new deck on my pontoon boat. I talked to the Nautolex Rep. about use over marine plywood and he said no sealer was needed. Also, I should use Nautolex 88 adhesive. A couple of days ago I attempted to install the product.... The adhesive is very unforgiving. It rolled on okay but I could see it would never cover the sq. ft. claimed. I thinned it as suggested in the instructions but that didn't help much. The bigger problem is that if you don't get the vinyl placed exactly in place and try to reposition it, the adhesive separates from either the floor or the vinyl in patches and the vinyl has a lumpy appearance when it is repositioned. If you get any air bubbles under it, it is very hard to force them out to the edge. I did not let the adhesive dry very long either. I ripped off about the 20 sq ft that I had partially stuck down and rolled it out in the yard and hosed and scrubbed off the adhesive while a friend scraped the remainder of the adhesive from the boat deck. I have some $ invested in 14 yards of this stuff and 2 gal of 88 so I'm going to use some Home Depot flooring glue to stick it down. Forget the warranty. It might be okay to stick down a 3x5 foot piece of Decko Dot with the 88 but it is bad news for anything bigger. Good luck if you feel the need to use this product.
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