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Boat selection opinions

RED wrote:

One thing that could be done on these boats is what the Grand Banks do - simply paint the trim.
Actually, very few GB owners paint the teak trim on their boats (as much as some of them would probably like to).* Besides altering the look of the boat it also reduces the value.* Teak that's been painted cannot be un-painted as the primer and paint gets down into the grain.* Sanding the teak down*enough to remove all traces of the primer and paint reduces the size of the wood to the point where it doesn't fit*properly anymore. (I know this from experience.)*

Likewise, removing the teak decks from a GB also reduces its value to 90+ percent of potential buyers.* Most GB buyers put a lot of value (not monetary) in features that make a GB a GB, and teak, or at least some teak, is one of them.* A few years ago there was a GB for sale in our marina that had had its teak deck removed and redone in fiberglass with a very high-quality job.* The boat was for sale for the better part of a year (this was long before the current economic situation) and it finally sold when a buyer said he would buy the boat if the seller reduced the price by the amount it would take*to*install a new teak deck (some $20k at the time).** The seller agreed and the boat had a new deck (from TDS) installed.

I suspect this is a fairly unique situation to Grand Banks.* And there are a few*buyers out there who would put a premium on not having a teak deck on a GB.**Replacing a teak deck can often improve the saleability of many other brands of boats that were built with teak decks.* But it doesn't seem to be the case for GB, at least not from what I've observed and read on the GB owners forums.

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