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RE: Glen-L Marine "Hercules" custom trawler/tug


That is a pic of the 32 foot 1938 Monterey Clipper I had at one point. It had a Detroit 2 53 in it with a supercharger. She was a real sea boat. I bought it off a guy in Wilmington Ca. for 4 k. I sold it because the engine was just exposed in the middle of the wheelhouse and it was like being in an engine room on a freighter.

Other than that it was a go anywhere in any weather type of boat! It had a 3 inch shaft, 3 to 1 reduction and 26 inch prop. Very good work boat but no room to sit... I sold it to a guy who had it moved over land back to Monterey bay. He has since restored it and its on display somewhere over there. Google Monterey clipper they still have a fleet of them at fishermans warf.

I like the Willards they have the same double end as the Monterey and nice lines.

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