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I was never nuts about Lane but I have about 18" of PMM stacked up flat. from 97 on to about 07. Yes the old ones were great.

They are a little like TF. When we started in 07 (I believe) we had the whole world of Trawlering to comprehend and evaluate. Growing together as a group developed over time and we talked out all the big or important subjects like twins or anchors so now it's a bit like coming to the party after it's basically over. Many don't like talking the same things again but I think it's fine. Something new always comes to the surface. I'm still happy to be here but I'm getting a bit more selective about what I click on. And the thread titles still are WAY too vague. Don't know what your'e clicking into w a title like "what about this?". But we've always done that and we've always had TC.

Thanks Marin re "Well this sucks". Another well introduced thread.

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