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Thanks for taking the time for such a good post. I had just spent a lot of time putting together a post on the Electrical and Electronics & Navigation's thread about LiFePO4 batteries with links and pictures, and the forum would not accept my pictures from an off site source, Photo Bucket. I pay for this service because I've organized all my pictures there and use it for the many forums I participate on. Then when trying to upload to this site (after having to reduce in size the pictures I wanted to use) I got the automated response that my activity was suspicious and my account was locked. This is the first forum I've run across that doesn't allow use of off site picture storage, and for me to have to reduce in size and then upload any picture I want to use in a post is way too much effort.

I'll just stay with the Cruiser's Forum, there is maybe 20% that are using power boats there.
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