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City: Darwin
Vessel Name: Marengo
Vessel Model: Timber 12.79 meters
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[QUOTE=Hendo78;122087]Meh ... i say dream away mate!. Nothing wrong with that at all :-) I set myself goals with the boat im building. Sometimes I do it in that timeframe and sometimes I don't. That's part of the beauty of doing your own boat. ]

Thats the thing its finding knowledge when you need it can be hard
This boat was pulling out mackerel last week and is full current 3B survey which up here is hard to keep its going to kill me to kill off the survey
I got this at a unbelievable price as the guy just had enough and wanted out the electronics is worth more than what I paid for it
I has even been inspected by Shipwright for hull certification and passed the roll over test in the last 6mths
Thats the thing that is worrying me it was to good to be true and I bought it anyway ....
So the real test will be when I pull her from the water but I think our MSB mob up here would not let anything slide so I am hopeful but ready to be suprised
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