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Originally Posted by Max1 View Post
It probably goes to the engine room.
My boat has 4 louvers on the outside cabin walls, 2 in the front and 2 at the rear.
Inside, there are airboxes that lead outside air coming in through the lovers into the engine compartment.
It is naturally aspirated, so I assume the intent was to have fresh air come in via the front louvers and exhausts from the rear louvers. I don't think it worked very well for me as I would always get engine stink in the cabin after a run. I added an engine room blower to suck air out of the engine room. I turn on the blower when I start my engine and leave it on till at least an hour after I shut off the engine. It works for me.

Your configuration looks like it would have better airflow than just louvers since the air would be rammed in from the front intake when underway. Which begs the question- how does air exit your engine room?

Yes goes to the engine room, Engine room air exits through a SS louvered vent on the opposite side of the boat. I need to install a blower for the engine room, like the idea of running it after the engine shutdown.
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