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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
Iím not sure what they protect, but I think I recall seeing a couple of small fuses inside my Quattro. If there are any, removing and testing them is probably worthwhile.
I saw a couple of things on the right side that might have been fuses, but would have needed neesle-nosed pliers to try extracting in the very cramped un der-deck location, and a not-so-supple 83 yr.-old bod!

I did disconnect the 48V at the lithium batt. with Victron switch off, waited a couple of minutes and re-connected. Turning the unit switch back on, all four LED lights lit up and stayed lit for both the charger and inverter - no flashing. This finding is not covered in the manual's extensive list of error codes. And still no function from charger or inverter - no 120AC with either dock mains plugged or un-plugged. Time to give Victron a call...

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