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RE: Steam bending questions

Actually on my boat the deck has a short section of wall above the hull deck join which will act as my form - plus it's about the only spot where I can get the clamps to work. The wall runs about 2" above the actual deck and has a ever so slightly tighter radius. The plan is to take the wood out of the steamer and immediately clamp one end to this section of the deck and work it around from there. I have 12, 12" wooden screw clamps which should do the job plus I'll bring along some pipe clamps. Once the beginning end is clamped, I'll do the full bend and have my helper throw on the minimum number of clamps so as to keep it in place. Then after it's bent end to end, I'll go back and adjust any hard sections with additional clamps.

I'll leave it in place until the next day and then attempt to remove the clamps to see how much spring back I have - if acceptable, I'll then remove it and then re-attach it at the hull deck join. My hope is that the bend will set and I'll be able to manually put it back into position with some clamping and screw tension.

I'm doing it one piece at a time just incase this does not work. If it doesn't then I have a backup piece and will go to plan "B" which will require some extra pieces of wood under the outside legs of the clamps so as to "extend" their reach "over" the hull deck join area. Then I'll bend to the exact location where it will be attached. (I'd like to not have to do this as setting the clamps with this extra piece of wood means more fumbeling around which always takes longer.)
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