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First of all, I really appreciate all of the suggestions.

Next, I decided I would tear the pump down one last time as it made no sense that is wouldn't move fluid. I have torn it down approx. 5 times due to it leaking at the fittings or the set of bearings becoming misaligned when assembling. I have mastered the bearing installation and applied hydraulic thread sealant on all the fittings. I am also now skilled at bleeding the system after doing it many times.

The first rebuild kit I got was limited and I believe I got the wrong o-rings for the oval ports on the back side. The second kit was much more complete and included new ball bearings for the one way valves. Yesterday I took a look at the kit info and everything referred to the series 702 and 703. So, i dug all the discarded parts out of the garbage and compared them with my new parts and the new ball bearings for the oval ports on the back side were noticeably larger than the old ones. I put the old ones back in and will install the pump Monday with fingers crossed.

I have found that it's difficult to find parts for the series 700 helm pump and obviously many vendors don't distinguish between the 700 and the 702-703 series.

If this doesn't work, I'm headed to Longview.

Thanks for your help.
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