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Reduced!! Now $200

My apologies for still not knowing how to edit after the fact:

The electronic world continues to advance, and new stuff of equivalence (albeit with most not having the 12VDC filtered power) continues to price-drop.

Accordingly, and in particular because the admiral is getting grouchy over my still having it in the van, other than the printer, you can have it for $200 (still picked up; UPS packaging and delivery nearly certainly would double the cost).

The two 2TB externals are - I think, without digging them out and putting eyes on them - WD My Book Essential - units; I am not certain of the 500G (full of music of all genres) and 1T (hundreds of movies) product names. All run just fine. All have PS and USB cables. The monitor has a base and wall mount and HDMI and VGA cables.

AC power supplies with each in case you wanted it in an all 110VAC environment, as well as the BuckBoost for 12/12 VDC (computer, monitor, external HDDs) and 12/5 VDC (4-port USB hub) for filtered, regulated boat power.

Brother Laser Printer (no color, but also no-run-printing in moist conditions), 5-port AC switch base, and teak bulkhead-to-left shelf mount surround $50 more.
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