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OK good getting closer to apples and apples.

I designed a boat that had 45degree sides and it slid down the faces of waves bigger than 2 story houses just fine. After having survived that I consider non-tripping chines a very good thing. But get a keel big enough as on a very deep keel sailboat and she just lies down, slides a bit and let's the wave pass. So Ild say hull design has a lot to do w the ability to not capsize totally independent of beam. As is usually the case w design issues .. many variables.

TAD ther'e are lots of boats on the forum here that have at least the potential to trip on their keels but even a greater potential to trip on their chines. A good reason to be looking for plenty of beam, calm seas or both. Perhaps designers strive to give people that rock solid feel when they step aboard a boat w the salesman or a broker.

But a designer and/or manufacturer must design a boat to be appealing to buyers and I'm sure the lines get blurred a bit in the process. But I'm going to lean toward a boat that will slide sideways even if I've got to suffer from windage for it.

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