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Originally Posted by Al View Post
and now am budgeting for 60# commercial lead cannon ball trolling weights. (almost $2.00 per #)
You can do what I do down in Missouri. Call around and find a recycle place and ask them if they will sell the scrap they take in. I got a local scrap yard that well sell lead to me at 0.75 cents a LB. We buy if for Scuba dive weights and fishing weights. Take and old cast iron skillet and fish cooker add your favorite drink and a little time, it won't take you long to get all the weight you need. scrap iron is 0.35 a LB. I picked up 10 ft of rail road track that weights about 90lb a foot, I have cut it up use it from time to time as weight for the tractor implements. We got a lot of guys in this area that race stock cars and they use big blocks of lead weight to off set the CG of the car you just need a few of them to melt down.
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