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TAD wrote;
"The motor quits and a wave comes over the stern" No big surprise here as many boats look more like a Jacuzzi or a hot tub than a boat in the stern.

"And the reality is that few recreational boats are lost in North America due to capsize in waves" No surprise here either as almost all boats are wide. And beam = stability .. all other things being equal. And of course they never are but people think they KNOW wide is stable and safe and narrow will tip over. So people buy wide boats w lots of power .. power for safety of course.

Very interesting about the % of length capsize studies. As stated it says the longer a vessel is the less likely it will capsize from a given wave (in height).
Well Tad I'll be watch'in out for those 17' waves while out in my 30' boat. Only been in those once and I was in an 28' OB that I designed and built. Mus'ta done someth'in right as I'm still here. Actually I'll be watch'in out for for those 9 footers too. AND I'll be hang'in on white knuckl'ed to the helm also.
Does the % of length "rule" or findings take into consideration the CG change over long boats and short boats that are all the same size ... volume/disp ? Or are all the hypothetical short and long boats all the same beam? Or have I read this all wrong?

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