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I'll answer your question w another question since the situation you presented is vague. Light boat heavy boat high CG low CG wct ect ect. But I'm sure the answer to your question would have more to do w hull shape and CG than beam.

If there was an 18' canoe w a 40" beam and a stretched version of the same boat that was 36' long and someone asked you to stand on the gunnel of one of them which one would you choose to stand on?
the 36' one of course......hummmm, i think i see what your getting at. I'm useing my experiance in narrow beamed boats which tended to be very tippy compared to the same lenght style boat with wider beam. Even though a wider beam will not be affected as much by large loads shifted to port or starboard stability in a heavy sea may in fact be superior with the narrow beam. There would be less surface area for the breaking wave to impact on a longer vessel with narroe beam.
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