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First thanks Tad, That was very help full. I did a little more looking but you got me in the right spot to look. And the right frame of mind too. For some reason when i made this post i was looking at the boats for sale. When I found the off shore "race boats" the 100mph or +, 2 and 3 engine boats and some of them are very long even 38 to 40 ft but only 11 feet wide. ....... I know just because it fits on a trailer and its a boat. its not the same lol I do understand but just got the wheels turning upstairs a bit.

Until i retire the only way i can justify a trawler or any other boat is I have to be able to put it on a trailer I can pull with a 1 ton truck. One of the down sides to living in the middle of the USA in Missouri.

Thanks again guys.
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