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Originally Posted by MVCalypso View Post
I took lots of pics and kept a project log during the process. I'll have to figure out how to post pics here, but I suspect I can do that.

If folks are interested, I could start a new thread (so as not to hijack this one).

As a new comer to posting here, I could use some guidance re what section would be best for such a tale - here? General maint? The Island Gypsy section?

Are you interested in any a particular aspect of the repair approach?
If the topic isn't of general interest to the group, I could privately send you a summary.
Starting a new thread would be best so that in the future people can find it and see what you did. As to posting photos, it is pretty easy. Go to the home page and there is a section on how to use the forum. In that section there is a sticky post on how to post photos.
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