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Where to drop anchor when stern tying?

We are looking to do some anchoring in Desolation Sound area this summer, and I have perhaps a newbie question. We want to anchor in bays about 300' wide. If the depth of water is 30', and we want to be about 50' or so from shore when anchored, at a 5:1 scope, this means you're dropping the anchor pretty much on the opposite side of the 300' wide bay. Is this where most people are dropping the anchor in this situation, or are most simply using a shorter scope and dropping anchor more-or-less in the center of the bay? Example coves may be Laura Cove, Melanie Cove, Princess Cove Wallace Island, etc.

Neither seem like ideal options as in the former, you're pulling the anchor down slope and in the way of boats possibly on the other side; the latter, you're setting the anchor with a short scope. Maybe I'm missing something. What is the solution?
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