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I've not read the entire thread but your use of SLA, to me at least, is not clear.

Both AGM and GEL are SLA batteries but are of somewhat different construction with different charging needs. Similar but different enough to pay attention to.

The FLA, flooded lead acid, usually has the screw top filler caps for adding water as needed but not always.
There are also some WET cell types, flooded that, although not hard sealed they can benefit from water addition from time to time they too I have seen called SLA.

The SLA are not meant to be opened at all and if you do you have damaged the battery and will shorten its life regardless if it is AGM or GEL.

An AGM and a GEL battery are BOTH SLA. So when you say SLA which type specifically are you referring to, the AGM, the GEL, or the semi sealed FLA.

To me at least it can make a difference in the advice given.
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