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Originally Posted by ranger58sb View Post
Optima and Odyssey in the same sentence sounds odd. Here, those are two different brands. Reading suggests Optima started out with a good rep, and has gone downhill from there... apparently after being sold off to a different manufacturer from original.

An Odyssey G31 sounds very viable for a thruster, if that's what will fit. Somebody on the forum recently confirmed one of the thruster installer companies over here usually fits two Odyssey G31s near their thrusters...

Sounds like a huge battery for genset starting. Our current is a flooded G24, and whenever it craps out I'll probably switch to a relatively tiny Odyssey Extreme ODX-AGM34 (was PC-1500) with 850 CCA.

BTW, we ran for several years with no charger on our genset battery other then the generator's alternator. The AGM didn't self-discharge much, so no problem. We happen to have a dedicated charger for the genset battery on this boat, and our other banks are 24V, so I'll keep it I guess... but don't really think it's all that necessary in an all-12V boat. Especially if it's easy to use jumper cables from some other 12V source in an emergency.

Pinning down those connection between batteries will probably move you further ahead...

Yes, I conflated Optima and Odyssey and Optima. I`ve ordered an Optima, cca 815,should keep the thruster turning the few times I use it.
Onan recommend a 135Ah battery for starting, it does seems huge. The genset of my previous boat had only its alternator for charge, I fitted a modest solar panel and simple regulator. I`ve ordered a 130Ah/1000cca AGM for it.

The thread took a lithium vs.everything else turn. I think I`m set, hope to discover the "combiner" method Integrity used. In a year or so I`ll likely be all AGM, solving how to set the charger.
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