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Originally Posted by Hippocampus View Post
WK99 good logic. Will note have done the C&D/Delaware more times than digits. Very boring except on one occasion a barge with metal scraps caught fire. Apparently those fires burn so hot water canít be used but only foam. Find the trick for the Delaware is to stay as far as you safely can away from the shipping channel. Thereís a couple of good places to anchor on the Delaware side just before the canal and you can anchor in spots along the sides but itís fairly open. Okay if wind/wave direction allows you to anchor in the lee of the land. Otherwise just struggle through to cape may. Have found cape may quiet regardless of whatís going on outside. Truly a harbor of refuge.

Wife prefers traveling during the day and there can be debris in the C&D so try to go from chessie near canal entrance to CM in one day. Again will time for currents but wonder if OPs boat could do it. Thereís fuel in the C&D and CM but donít know if available elsewhere on this leg.
Good point about debris, recent weather is certainly something to consider as lots of rain tends to dislodge debris from the shorelines. I haven't seen much on the C&D or Delaware (though the snotty conditions never seem to make it easy to see!)

Likewise fuel, that's part of my plan regarding weather. Don't let needing to get fuel that morning before departing turn into missing a weather/conditions window. Fuel dock schedules can be inconsistent, though ones that cater to fishing vessels tend to be less random about it.
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