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Originally Posted by Hippocampus View Post
Last few times just went around and did Jersey on the outside. Much lower stress. But agree 29’ a bit small and those options not available.
Depends on the conditions. I came down from Sandy Hook, NJ one morning in early April and it was smooth as glass the whole way. Gale warnings pending, so we considered ducking into various places, but conditions held out and we made Cape May just before the rain/winds hit. It was a good thing too, because it was early in the season and several of the bridges we were thinking we'd go under... were completely out of operation. With how the weather went it would have meant leaving the boat in NJ for the better part of a week.

With the weather that developed the ride up the Delaware was bumpy in a 47... and 29 would not be my choice for those conditions. But once you start the trek you're pretty much committed as, from what I understand, there's not many places to safely stop in-between the C&D and Cape May.

Make sure your schedule allows for delays. A 29 is not enough boat to push the limits, conditions-wise. Do not let a 'schedule' get you into trouble (though this is true for any boating). If the conditions say 'get up at the crack of dawn' to make the tides/conditions then DO THAT. Don't let a sightseeing venture cause you to miss a travel window.
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